LOCATION: Between Lambertville, Michigan & Sylvania, Ohio to serve both Michigan & Ohio customers 

Birch Haven is located in a COUNTRY SETTING.  Our home is located just 200 ft. from the kennel which enables us to give
to our guest.

We let each guest (except cats) run and
PLAY at least TWICE a DAY (weather permitting) in the fenced in compound at no extra charge. This allows us to get to know our guests.  It also, helps our guest feel more comfortable with their new surroundings.

We do allow Blankets, Rugs and Toys from home but, No Foam, Fiber Fill or Wood Chip Bedding is allowed.


Each kennel and outside run is SANITIZED DAILY with a hospital type disinfectant designed specifically for kennels.  It kills germs, bacteria and fungus and does not allow flea larvae to survive.

FOOD:  Bringing your dog's food is recommended as to not change his or her diet.  We will provide food if you so choose.

FRESH WATER and TREATS are always available to our guest.


MEDICATIONS can and will be given per you instruction, if you supply them, at no extra cost.


Birch Haven REQUIRES that our K-9 friends are up to date on all VACCINES.  RABIES, DHLPP, BOARDATELLA and CANINE INFLUENZA.

Cats are Required to have RABIES and FELINE DISTEMPER.


Emergency VETERINARY service is available if needed.























































































































































































































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